How To Find Non-responsive Websites

How To Find Non-responsive Websites

In this post we'll explore how you can find non-responsive websites with our non-responsive website search. These are websites that have not being optimised for mobile or tablet viewing and are often old websites in desperate need of a redesign.

To find web design leads many people ask us how they can find non-responsive websites that don't adjust their navigation and size for mobile and tablet viewing. Sell Digital has a powerful search feature that allows you to search our one million big UK database of websites that are not mobile and tablet optimised. Everytime our web crawler finds a new website we check the view port and other HTML attributes to decide if it has a responsive design or not.

Our powerful search options also allow you to filter down to UK websites without a responsive design that are located near you, have your keywords in their metadata and have a budget that meets the quality of your services. You can also now export all email addresse we have associated with these websites.

Let's look at some possible searches you could do with our system.
  • You could search for all dentists in a 40 mile radius from you that need a responsive website redesign.
  • You could search for websites in any industry in a 10 mile radius from you that need a responsive website redesign.
  • Export all non-responsive websites from our one million website database and their emails.

Non-responsive website, not mobile tablet optimised

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