How To Find UK Websites Near You With A Geographical Search

How To Find Websites Near You

In this post we will cover some of the ways you can use some of our simple website searches to find websites based near you geographically. Our system allows you to search by postcode and more.

Often digital agencies and freelancers would like a list of websites near them so they can reach out to them and offer their services. Being geographically close has the obvious major advantage of being able to visit your prospect, meet them face to face and increases the chances of turning them from a prospect to a client. Finding a list of websites near you can often be challenging for the following reasons.

  • Not all business are listed in chambers of commerce or yellow page style directories
  • Most search engines will prevent automation of search queries for finding mass amounts of websites through Google searches
  • Not all businesses are on LinkedIn or other social media
This is where our simple website search can help. Our web crawler goes from website to website checking key pieces of information such as:-

  • Where is the website based?
  • What industry is the website?
  • What is the turnover of this business?
And many many more technical pieces of information such as does this website have bad reviews or SEO problems but we won't worry about that for this simple search. We have over one million UK websites in our database. Here is a small sample list of the searches you might perform.

  • Find all UK websites near me within a 10 mile radius?
  • Find all UK websites near me with a turnover above 6.5 million?
  • Find all UK websites near me that operate in the insurance industry
  • Find all dentist websites in the UK
  • Find all insurance websites in the UK and export their emails
As you can see you can mix and match these search options however you like so you can find the perfect list of prospects for your digital agency or freelancing work. As you can see below the interface is very easy to use.

find websites near you

Try our simple website search now.