How To Find Websites Using Drupal

How To Find Websites Using Drupal

In this post we will explore how to find websites using the popluar PHP CMS Drupal by using our tech search.

Drupal is a PHP based framework designed for making modular web applications. If you are a digital agency or freelancer that specialises in Drupal, or even a recruitment agency that specialises in placing candidates that know Drupal well then being able to easily find websites using Drupal can be incredably useful to you. Here at Sell Digital we maintain a huge database of over one million UK websites. Every time our web crawler finds a new website we perform a huge amount of technical checks on it from SEO problems and spelling mistakes through to poor online reviews and tech stack fingerprinting. One of these checks is the type of CMS/CRM the website is using. If we find it's using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any of the many more we check for then this is recorded. We also store where the website is located, the industry they are in and the turnover of the business if we have that data from companies house.

Here are just a few example searches you can perform when trying to find Drupal websites.

  • Find all Drupal websites in the UK
  • Find all Drupal websites in a 10 mile radius of your chosen postcode
  • Find all Drupal websites related to insurance
  • Find all Drupal websites and export their email addresses
  • Find all Drupal websites within a 40 mile radius of me that are turning over 6.5 million pounds a year
As you can see the abilty to highly customise your searches will give you a great list of prospects to turn into clients.

Now you've seen how powerful the searches can be, let's take a look at how simple the search interface is.

find Drupal websites

As you can see powerful searches for Drupal websites are easy to perform so please try our tech search today.