How To Find Websites With Poor SEO

How To Find Websites With Poor SEO

In this post we'll explore how you can use our system to find websites with poor search engine optimisation. Such as missing H1 tags, description tags, websites not using compression, websites not using minified JS and css, websites blocking Google and much more.

Sit back and relax while we show you a quick and easy way to find websites with poor SEO. Most website owners don't even know when their website has bad SEO (Search engine optimisation) and why would they? They just want to focus on running the operations of their business effectively and simply don't have time to indulge in learning new "high tech" skills. However that's great news for people like us, because its means there are literally hundreds of thousands of websites out there with bad Search Engine Optimisation. We're talking missing title tags, missing description tags, missing H1 tags, missing alt tags, the list could go on forever. So lets take a look at the 3 options we have for finding these websites.

1. Cheat - Use Our One Million Big Database

If you want a huge database of websites with bad search engine optimisation then this is by far the quickest way to achive your goal. We have a one million big database of UK websites. Each website is crawled on a regular basis to check for all the website faults a digital agency could correct. Just one of these happens to be Search Engine Optimisation problems. These are the checks we perform on all one million websites in our UK database.

  • Overall SEO score
  • Missing H1 tag on homepage
  • Missing description tag on homepage
  • Missing title tag on homepage
  • Missing H1 tags across all pages
  • Missing description tags across all pages
  • Missing title tags across all pages
  • Websites with broken internal links
  • Websites with no server side compression
  • Websites with non-minified external CSS found
  • Websites with non-minified external JS found
  • Websites blocking Google in robots.txt

What also makes this database even more impressive is you can filter websites by their companies turnover, employee count, geographical location, and keywords such as "insurance" or "travel" for example. Meaning you can filter down to the perfect prospect for the type of SEO service you provide. Here are just a few examples of the types of searches our customers perform to find great SEO leads.

  • Find all websites within a 40 mile radius of me with a missing H1 tag on the homepage and a turnover of above 10 million
  • Find all insurance related websites that have missing title tags on their pages
  • Find all dentist related websites that have broken internal links on their homepage
  • Find all dentist related websites and export their emails
As you can see this powerful search feature really allows you to fine tune the results you get back, helping you find SEO leads that will convert.

Try our poor SEO search feature now.

2. DIY Build Your Own Web Crawler

Another option some choose to briefly entertain is to build their own web crawler that goes from website to website checking for SEO problems. However from experience we can tell you this will take thousands of man hours and a substantial amount of technical expertise will be needed.

3. Scrape And Outsource

Another option would be to use a software product to scrape all the websites you can from search engines (Google + Bing) by keywords (eg dentist or insurance) then outsource the SEO analysis of these websites. This type of work can typically be outsourced for as little as £1.50 per hour to countries like India. Of cource there are obvious drawbacks with this method. Firstly its very costly for the project overall, secondly it will take several weeks for this type of mass SEO checking.

If you would like to try our poor SEO search feature and find thousands of websites near you with SEO problems that you can fix then please click the link below.

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