How To Find Unlimited UK SEO Clients For Your Agency

How To Find Unlimited UK SEO Clients For Your Agency

In this post we will explore how you can use our system and its powerful features to find near unlimited SEO clients for your digital agency.

Every digital agency wants to know how it can generate more SEO clients, they want to find websites that need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) leads in a cost effective manner. The typical criteria are

  • Find websites that need SEO improvements near me
  • Search for websites by missing meta data such as H1 tags and title tags
  • Search for websites by keywords so for example you might specialise in finding dentist websites that need ranking on Google
  • Search for websites (SEO leads) that have a budget to match your services
Our system is a searchable database of over one million UK websites, we crawl each website regularly and check for common SEO misconfigurations. These powerful and highly customisable searches allow you to generate thousands of SEO leads instantly.

Here is a quick example of how you might use a search to find all insurance websites with near you with broken links on their homepage's.

Search for SEO leads

If you would like to try a search and see which SEO leads near you are available please try the search out now.