How To Find New UK Web Design Clients

How To Find New UK Web Design Clients

In this post we will explore how you can use our system to find new clients for your web design agency or freelancing work.

Finding new web design clients for your digital agency or freelancing work can be a challenging task. You are competing against literally hundreds of other web design agencies and freelancers who may be cheaper than you and may be more experienced or established than your business is. Let's have a look at the typical approach some digital agencies and freelancers use to find new clients and critique their approach.

  • Find new clients by browsing chambers of commerce and other business directories - while this approach is easy and low cost, it will not give you much flexibility or control over the results you get back. For example you can not filter by turnover, or keywords (insurance, dentist) and technology (Wordpress etc). Also these directories will only list business that have applied to be listed in them and this is typically only a tiny percentage of the business in your area.
  • Find new clients by performing Google searches - Again this is another low cost but very time consuming approach. And what do you search for? Most people will search for something like "dentists" + "London" but this will not return all businesses in your area and you lack the ability to filter by turnover or tech type such as CMS/CRM.
  • Pay for web design leads - A costly approach would be to pay for individual leads from a web design lead provider. However, can you guarantee these will generate a positive return on your investment? How do you know if your business is a good fit for the lead before you pay for an expensive lead?
  • Reach out on social media - How do you find these businesses? Most social networks won't allow the powerful type of searches you need to find good matching prospects and how do you know these businesses actually need your web design services?

We can offer you a much better approach. Sell Digital has a web crawler with over one million entries in its database. Every time we find a new website we run multiple checks on it, everything from SEO problems through to bad online reviews. Another one of the checks we perform is whether or not the website has a responsive design. We currently have thousands of websites that are in need of a mobile and tablet optimisation redesign in our database. You can search by geographical location, turnover, industry and more. Let's take a look at some of the searches you might want to perform to find new web design clients with our system.

  • Find websites with a non-responsive design in a 10 mile radius of me
  • Find websites with a non-responsive design by keywords such as insurance or dentist
  • Find websites with SEO problems that have a turnover above 6.5 million
  • List all websites near me
  • List all websites near me with common spelling mistakes on their homepage's
  • List all websites near me using WordPress or any other CRM/CMS
  • List all websites near me using a HTML search
  • List all websites near me and export their email addresses

As you can see the ability to create highly customised searches allows you to find new web design prospects that have a good chance of being turned into new web design clients. Let's take a look at some of the search interfaces you might want to use.

Find non-responsive websites near you

Non-responsive website, not mobile tablet optimised

Find websites with SEO problems near you

Search for SEO leads

Find websites with spelling mistakes on their homepages

find copywriting clients

Find websites using a specific CMS/CRM near you (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc)

find wordpress websites

Find websites in specific industry near you (insuance, denists etc)

find websites in specific industry near you

As you can see they are all powerful but simple to use.

So please try our searches out today and see how many new web design clients you can find!