Search For Websites By HTTP Headers

Search For Websites By HTTP Headers

In this post we will explore how you can use our powerful tech search to find websites by HTTP headers such as Nginx, PHP, Apache and any other HTTP server headers you like.

Often to find new freelancing clients or new digital agency clients you may want to search for websites using a particular type of technology. Often websites will specify in their HTTP response headers what type of technology they are using. For example a website running on PHP will typically contain PHP in the HTTP headers returned when a page is loaded. This is try for other types of technology on the web stack such as web servers, a website running Apache will typically return Apache in the HTTP header unless the website has disabled this due to security concerns.

Sell Digital has created a web crawler that stores the HTTP headers for every website it crawls in its one million big database of UK websites. When we find a new website we not only store all the HTTP headers we also perform other checks such as SEO problems, spelling mistakes, bad reviews, geographical location, business turnover and much more. However, in this post we'll stick to showing you how you can search our UK database for websites that have certain text in the HTTP headers. Here are a few examples of the searches you might want to perform with our tech search.

  • Find websites using PHP
  • Find websites using Apache
  • Find websites using Nginx
  • Find websites using ASP.NET
  • Find websites using Laravel
  • Find websites using CodeIgniter
  • Find websites using Symphony
  • Find websites using Python
  • Find websites using Apache Tomcat
  • Find websites using Microsoft-IIS
  • Find websites using LiteSpeed
  • Find websites using Node.js
  • Find websites using Nginx with are also in the insurance industry
  • Find websites using Nginx that turnover 6.5 million
  • Find websites using Nginx that are within a 20 mile radius of you
  • Find websites using IIS that are within a 20 mile radius of you and export their emails
As you can see this powerful search allows you to find new highly targeted prospects that have a great chance to become new clients. Now you've seen how powerful this search can be let's see how simple it is to use.

find websites by HTTP headers

As you can see the interface to perform such powerful searches is very simple to use.

Try our tech search search now.